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Lonnies digte



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By: Lonnie Persson

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I'm sitting here alone thinking of you.

I wonder what you're doing?

Do you also think of me?

I wish you were here by my side.

I'm sitting here dreaming.

Dreaming you were here.

I wonder if anybody's dreams come true?

Will my dreams come true?

Will my dreams about holding you ever come true? If not,

What are dreams for? I don't want  just dreams.

Dreams aren't enough. It's you I want.

Not dreaming about getting you.

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I Wonder.

When I look in the mirror I see Me.
An eighteen year old girl
With blond hair and blue eyes,
But who am I? What will I become?

I wonder, will I be a lawyer?
Will I be a policelady?
Or will I just become a mother sweet and lovely?

I always took one day at the time.
But now, suddenly,
I have to see into the future.

Where the rest of my life will take place.
Where my children are going to be born.
Where a man I am supposed to love will be.

What will become of me?
And where am I going to find the answer,
If I haven't got it now?
When will it be too late?

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I remember the day we met.
I remember it was cold.
I remember it all.

Why could it happen?
where did it all go?
Did we grow apart?

I remember our secret.
I remember our friendship.
We said we would be together forever.
Were did it all go?

Did the time go too fast?
Couldn't you follow?
Now we've gone separate ways.
Only to say hello when we meet.

We live in our own different world.
Why did it happen?
Didn't we believe enough
In what we had together

I guess we always knew,
We could not hold back the time.
Time can't be stopped.
It will always go on and on.

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I know you well.
I see you every day.
What is happening to me
I have sleepless nights. I think only of you
Talk only about you
Is it love?

I have feelings
I've never had before.
I don't know what to do with them.
They feel like a lump growing inside me.
It hurts! it wont disappear.
Is it love?  If it is
Then why does it hurt so much?

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When will it ever be as it's suppose to be?
A red spot on the street.
A mom's heartbreaking scream.
A frighten child's cry.
Is what fills the street.

The street where another murder has happened.
Where another innocent man dies.
When will it end?
When will the blood's wandering stop?
And the mother's scream become loving words,
And the child's cry turn into a gentle laughter.

When will it ever stop?
Will the sound of heavy military machines
And falling bombs ever fade away?
And become a bird's  song,
And the wind's blowing in the tree tops.
And the dogs playfully barking.
When will it ever be as it's suppose to be???

Poems by: Lonnie Persson.

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